UKUVUSA – Volume 1 Issue 1 – Aug 2020




Welcome to the first edition of UKUVUSA!

UKUVUSA, meaning “to awaken”, is a collaborative monthly online publication to share our beautifully diverse stretch of the Wild Coast with you, along with all the accommodation, promotions, adventure, leisure and wellness activities that are at your disposal. There will be showcases of local talent, delicious recipes, interest pieces, cultural segments, and just plain positive vibes.

What you won’t find contained in these pages is anything political, stress inducing or annoying. What you will find contained in these pages however is a legacy, a lifestyle, a culture… some feel good reading material to take your mind on a trip if you will… the legal kind.

This is a FREE for download publication, and all you need to do to subscribe, is provide your email address and contact info when claiming your free eZine, so that you will receive your FREE copy of UKUVUSA every month. You are able to un-subscribe at anytime.

Join us on this journey of awakening.


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